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My Wedding Dress Box

Wedding Dress Box Storage

We are the online retailers of premium of wedding dress storage boxes. Having invested a lot of time in finding the perfect wedding dress and not to mention the often high costs involved, it is important that you also invest in the best storage box available for your precious dress.

Unfortunately, most people tend to store their beloved dress in a bin liner and up in the attic! This is not good enough. Certainly for a dress that has so many memories and is of sentimental value, you need to get the right storage for it. Our wedding dress boxes are all hand-made and pH neutral to minimise any deleterious effect over time.

If you are having your wedding overseas or travelling to a different location for your wedding, we also have a range of fantastic travel boxes that are specifically designed to help with the safe transportation of your dress to your destination. Take a look at our products and get in touch if you have any questions.